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My online marketing with the LGBT Community has spanned 20 years. The ChrisCarnesList grew out of my many years experience in event planning and consulting. I created this list andpersonally maintained it over the last twenty years. The list has never been shared with anyonewhich maintains the integrity of the list and my subscribers continue to accept my emails andread them. I closely select my clients to protect my subscribers from unwelcome email topics.

The purpose of The ChrisCarnesList is to provide nonprofit and for profit interests to have
exposure directly to the group that has the most disposable income in the Bay Area and across
California. I average 10,000 subscribers on my list. I have been extremely mindful in procuring
subscribers that attend events, travel, dine, and donate in a meaningful way.

The focus of The ChrisCarneslist has always been to reach the LGBT community. My list
includes approximately 60% gay men, 35% lesbians and 5% friendly and politicians in the
Bay Area and beyond. I know an amazing number of my subscribers from my very public LGBT
civic life in the Bay Area and California.

The ChrisCarnesList has no competitive list in the Greater Bay Area. I have clients that have
grown by such large percentages that they use my online marketing for all their ventures. My
online marketing is sent to subscribers in attractive HTML format in The ChrisCarneslist
webpage. I also post your event on the Chris Carnes website, Blog, Tweet, and facebook
about your event.

My clients include but not limited to: Dinah Shore Week, Sweet, RSVP, Above and Beyond
Travel, Olivia, San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, American Conservatory Theater,
Lincoln Theater, Brava Theater, Rrazz Room, Live Nation, Rick Bartalini Presents, GLMD, HRC,
EQCA, NCLR, AEF, REAF, New Leaf, Horizon’s Foundation, Academy of Friends, National AIDS
Memorial Grove, Catholic Charities AIDS Foundation,2223 Restaurant, Charles Zukow Associates
and many more. I can arrange referrals upon request.

The ChrisCarneslist can provide you with direct exposure to a targeted list of subscribers that
have the $$$$ to enjoy events and opportunities. Your online marketing through The
ChrisCarneslist will put your event or opportunity directly on a screen in front of the unique
group for which you desire exposure. Online marketing through The ChrisCarnesList is highly
effective and the most economical media you can use to directly reach a large targeted
audience. Many list managers forward my emails to their subscribers.

I charge for-profit businesses $500 and non profit organizations $250 per email distribution and
additional services included to the ChrisCarnesList. I am open to charging less per email for more
than one distribution. Direct url’s can be included in your emails that go directly to your website
and to an online pay system. Sending email distributions is simple. You or your designer sends me
the html email code to your email and I insert it in the ChrisCarnesList webpage. You give me the
distribution date(s) and I make it happen!

Best and thank you for considering The ChrisCarnesList,

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